About Kendo Kai Suzuki

Founded by Suzuki Sumio sensei and located in The Hague, our dojo offers an inspiring environment to practice kendo: the art of Japanese fencing. We are proud to have members with roots all over the world and would love to welcome you at our dojo.

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Never heard of Kendo?

Kendo consists of two words, "ken" translated as sword, and "do" translated as "the way". Put simply, kendo thus entails "the way of the sword". Through practice of the sword we can increase strength, stamina and focus which all is good for our body and mind. This can have a positive effect on daily activities. Practicing kendo can be very challenging both physically and mentally: you will get teste

Starting kendo

Every year we organize a kendo introduction course but don't worry, you don't have to wait. Just give us a call or send an email if you would like to try kendo, or just have a look. Beginners are welcomed with open arms. You can try 3 lessons for free, just bring some sports clothing and we will help you get started. Young, old, male, female: Kendo is for everyone.

Kendo equipment and prices

Unlike other Japanese martials arts like judo and karate, kendo equipment can be both expensive as well as a bit more complicated. Prices vary depending on the quality. For safety reasons it is important to have practice equipment of good quality. But don't worry. For the first year we have practice equipment which you can borrow from us. You will only need to purchase the practice clothing and armour once you have decided to continue kendo.

September introduction course

During the whole month of September our doors are open for you to join our introduction course. This includes a 10 week membership, with 3 training options per week for just €65,-. This includes a free shinai (bamboo sword). During these 10 weeks we will show you all the basics of kendo. The offer stands for the entire month of september. Send us an email if you want to join.

Practice schedule & Prices

At Kendo Kai Suzuki you can practice 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for only €25,-/month and €15 for membership under 18.


Japanese etiquette can surpass any grocery list with ease and can be very complicated to foreigners. When you decide to join our dojo we require at least one thing from you to understand: we expect you to put your "spirit" (effort) in it. Our sensei spoke of "kokoro no kamae", (kokoro) the heart and (kamae) posture. Bowing when entering and exiting the dojo and appreciating to be able to practice and thus bow to each other during practice.

Contact & Information

Need more info, or would you like to have a kendo demo for an event. Feel free to contact us anytime. Secretary Kendo Kai Suzuki

Name: Rachel Chow
Email: secretaris@kendokaisuzuki.com
Mobile: +31 6 21 26 09 98

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